Buy Now Panasport Wheels for Racing

Panasport Wheels for Racing Applications offer for sale
Panasport wheels are among the most searched for aftermarket tires. If you’re trying to find Panasport tires available, I have a few collections of never ever- used and brand-new tires, as well as a few tires that have had tires positioned and have actually been made use of simply one or more weekend breaks.

Panasport wheels for sale
I’m marketing them at fairly budget friendly rates.
I just recently re-acquired a BMW 2002 race vehicle plan (recently my very own vehicle and I now have it back once again), and the investment package consisted of numerous components and accessories I actually have no requirement of. I don’t require this many additional tires!
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Panasport 15 by 7.
I have two extra sets of all new Panasport 15by 7 racing wheels. One of the most typical applications include MGB, Miata and 240Z, and as in my situation, BMW 2002 and various other BMW racing applications.
The Panasport Wheels 15×7specifications are:.
4 by ONE HUNDRED bolt pattern.
2 1/4 inch.
no balanced out.
Steel shutoff stems mounted.
Asking Rate: $1150 each collection.
These tires currently retail for $359 each.
Panasport wheels 13×6
I run tires merely like these on my very own 1976 BMW 2002 road auto. These extra 13 inch panasport tires tires were all gotten before a decision was made to change the 2002 race vehicle to 15 inch tires.
The Panasport 13×6 specs are.
4 x 100 bolt design.
2 1/4 inch facility.
9 mm offset.
steel valve stems set up.
Asking price: $850 per collection.
These wheels currently retail for $290.

Panasport wheels 13×7
I have 2 added collections still in their boxes. I also have a few a little used ones (I do not have a specific count right now) that I might consider marketing at a lesser price.
The Panasport 13by7 specs are.
4 t ONE HUNDRED bolt pattern.
2 1/4 inch.
3 mm balanced out.
steel shutoff stems mounted.
Asking rate: Also $850 each set. (I have just one collection).

The 13 by 6 and 13x 7 wheels are valued regarding the exact same MSLP, now at $290.
Other Brand names.
I likewise have some odds and ends in various other brand names of racing tires available, in addition to a lots of 4 x 100 mm bolt pattern steel wheels.

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